Land for sale for a private house in the historical centre of Jekabpils - in the Pils district!

Land for sale for a private house in the centre of Jēkabpils - in Pils district! 

Land unit cadastral designation 5601 001 0594, real estate address - Kavalērijas iela 6, Jēkabpils, area - 1 453 m2, purpose of use - construction of individual residential houses. According to the territory planning and building regulations, the construction of private houses with the height up to 2 storeys is allowed in the property.

A detailed plan for the development of the area has been drawn up and approved. In accordance with the conditions of the detailed development plan, the construction of streets and the connection of utilities to the development area are to be carried out by the municipality. There will be a total of 24 development plots in this location, more information about which can be found in other listings on Riga Brokers website.

The land is located on the territory of the former Krustpils Castle gardens. Fruit trees and bushes are still growing there. They say that the gardens used to be home to juicy and sun-loving peaches. Krustpils Castle has a long history, stretching back hundreds of years, and is situated in a strategic location that has always been fought over. Bishop Albert of Livonia, the Lithuanian warlord Kestutis, Pope Alexander IV, Tsar Ivan IV of Russia, as well as the Poles and Swedes have always wanted to own the castle. This place and this land are a mirror of Latvian history. The road connecting Riga and Daugavpils still runs past it today. It has a historic aura and the sun always shines here. It is only 600 metres to Krustpils Castle. You can be sure that in the near future this land will turn into the jewel of Jēkabpils, where everyone will want to buy land to build a private house. The unmaintained areas will disappear from the surrounding environment and industrial enterprises will be pushed out, as always happens as a city grows and develops.

This is one of the last undeveloped sites still available and is located at one of the highest points in Jēkabpils. The property is very well located and is a good investment opportunity. The price of the property will increase significantly once the streets and utilities have been constructed. Do not miss the opportunity to buy this land now, as such properties are rare. Contact us for more information!


Type of property Land
Deal type For sale
Land area 1453 m²
Property ID Z-34
14 530 €

Agent in charge

Ivars Rubenis

+371 2923 3174

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