Modular wooden houses

We offer more than 25 different models of wooden modular houses, which are manufactured locally in Latvia using the highest quality materials. Timber frame houses range in size from studio type 20-25 m2, up to 100 m2 and more. Each project can be individually customized and combined from several modules if you wish to have an even larger living space.

The factory-built modular houses are constructed to 95% completion already in the factory - including all communications, bathrooms, kitchen equipment or other furniture are added already at the factory stage (according to the client's wishes). The house is transported by flatbed truck to the construction site and the on-site construction process is kept to a minimum due to the degree of completeness of the house. Connecting the house tends to take from a few hours to a few days (if there is more than one module). The result is a high quality, airtight and energy efficient home.

If you choose us for your home, you will get quality from our material partners:
PATA - premium calibrated, certified C24 strength frame materials
RUUKKI - Finnish manufacturer's 30-50 year guarantee for roof and facade sheets
REHAU - German manufacturer, industry leader in 3-panel windows + all doors
PAROC - Finnish manufacturer of stone wool insulation material 
FIBO System - modern, airtight sheeting for bathrooms, made in Norway (up to 50 years warranty for the US market is the standard of quality)
AMPACK - membranes and fasteners from a Swiss manufacturer

This type of house is the most cost and time-effective to install on a screw pile foundation.
Projects up to 60 sq.m. require only a simplified approval by the local building authority (outside Riga) by submitting a sketch plan of the house, the axes of the facade, a diagram of the location of the house on the land boundary plan.

Final price 1350 EUR/m2 for a fully finished house, ready to be installed on the site of your choice. Only transport and zero-cycle preparation costs at the installation site (house foundations and connection of utilities) are not included.
The placement of the house on the foundations is included in the price.

How can you move into a ready-to-build private home built to the highest standards of the construction industry within 3 months of ordering? 

Call us to find out - we'll tell you and we'll show you!

Here's a video from Kerry Tarnow's video channel with 200,000 subscribers about BOUW ART modular homes:



Type of property House
Deal type For sale
Number of rooms 3
Area of premises 58.5 m²
Property ID M-19
79 000 €
1 350 €/m²

Agent in charge

Kristine Asejeva

+371 2063 6060

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